What is the CleanTech?

Contrary to popular perception, the term ‘cleantech’ is not only about energy. It is instead a concept which covers a diverse range of products and services which all seek to reduce or eliminate ecological impact while also making efficient use of natural resources.

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Companies that are part of the cleantech revolution build carbon nanotubes, develop organic food coatings and engineer software platforms for fleets of autonomous cars. Cleantech, or greentech as it is also known, is about resource efficiency across all industries.

Is your company part of the cleantech movement?

Are you partnering with startups developing the innovative solutions which deliver both shareholder value and tackle the big ecological challenges of our time? As the drive for a sustainable future picks up pace, cleantech becomes ever more relevant to the way we do business today.

Meet the startups and tech companies committed to changing the world through cleantech initiatives. Learn how they are using emerging technologies to solve real business challenges with minimal environmental impact.