Big data, bigger opportunity

The amount of data we generate today is truly breathtaking. 

0 Billion
messages are sent per day on Facebook
0 Hours
of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute

Even without any human intervention, machines produce vast quantities of data of their own: application server logs, sensor data and CCTV video footage all fall under this category.

In fact, these numbers are just the tip of the iceberg: we now create huge amounts of information across a vast range of sources including blogs, product reviews, e-mail, medical records and scientific research.

How should we use all of this information?

For companies, having so much data at their fingertips offers a chance to personalize customer experiences more deeply than ever before. But that is far easier said than done. Using data effectively means more than a team of data scientists extracting insights. It requires an organizational structure capable of using those insights to inform decision-making and build superior products.

The disruption we’ve seen across industries in recent years has set a clear precedent for the digital era: the companies that make best use of their proprietary data will emerge as the biggest winners.

As the cost of storing and processing data continues to fall dramatically, that pattern looks set to continue.

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